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Even if they are, we do not want to wait until votes are cast or great decisions made to find out whe- ther we are communicating effectively.

Most of our communications pro- grams are not directed — in the short term — to such clear and definite outcomes.

Here the means of confirming whether our message is being received is even more difficult.

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Members of the audience communicate back to us by the way they hold their heads, by their posture, by the way they sit, by their facial expressions, by their body move- ments and by their degree of wakeful- ness.

The next level is with a crowd situ- ation where there is usually little op- portunity for the audience to show its response. Here, there are ways of confirming the effectiveness of our message not always apparent to the casual observer.

Address advertising enquiries to: Advertising Manager, Ruth H. He can check for edito- rial comment, which is useful at times in judging the impact of his communi- cations. The days are long past when editorial comment has re- flected the opinion of a newspaper's or magazine's readers.

Walter Slack, 801 Public Ledger Building, Philadelphia 6, Pa. In this way he can at least find out what use is being made of his com- munications. All he knows is if his messages are being printed; he still has no idea of whether they are being read.

Nixon, 25 Langside St., Winnipeg; Naw Bnmiwick, Miss Shirley Y. It gets more diflfiailt to find the answers as we proceed through the various levels at which we communicate — as we reach out for more people and become more remote from them. The same thing applies to small group meetings — a highly effective situation for communicating.

Remember to go easy on anything designed to arou.' tough questions but if we are to communicate effectively we must strive to find the answers. However, since we can rarely afford the man-hours for this type of communication we seldom have the opportunity for such sure confirmation.

The Bcnzalkonium Chloride in DRAPOLEX is effective against a wide range of pathogens as well as the urea splitting organisms. dispensing jars ^k ra^olex rrt^::.'; =.'■:; C 220 BAY STREET, TORONTO CKWE AND l ONDON. Much research of a practical nature is going on, but tfie day is still far off when we will have an indisputable knowledge of the fun- damentals. With all the mass media of informa- tion now available to students, and with the refined curricula and methods of teaching, the students' ignorance is di- spiriting and perplexing. Yet, we were to W Sister Muriel is a member of the faculty of the School of Nursing. If we were asked if we think listening is important we would likely admit that it is. We are not willing to give up time to become better listeners. Watch a group of four at a table and you will see that three of them are talking and one is waiting to talk. In grade I, 90 per cent of the pupils listen to the teacher. An author- ity who l)ecame interested in communi- cation because he was a stutterer, made the observation that most serious troubles in communication arise from those who speak fluently but who be- come disorganized when they talk.

For that reason, where secondary infection exists, both primary and secondary infections can be treated as one. Nevertheless, we must use what we do know of these fundamen- tals in our day-to-day task of com- THE CANADIAN NURSE I I municating in public relations. The proportion of listeners diminishes as the children get older until we find some 29 per cent of grade XII stu- dents listen to the teacher. It appears that teachers in universities and schools of nursing fight a losing battle ! They do this because they talk without listening to themselves.

THE CANADIAN NURSB THE CANADIAN NURSE VOLUME 57 NUMBER 1 JANUARY 1961 • Betvveen Ourselves 6 Pharmaceuticals and other Products 11 Random Comments 17 1961 A Year of Challenge. Imagine trying to stir the people of your own community into an in- formed interest in prevailing wage rates of Patagonian basket-weavers!

Not only must your message be clear, simple, easy to understand but it must avoid a com- plex host of barriers that are always present in the minds and emotions of people.

Mary's Hospital, Montreal (English); Saskatchewan, Miss Victoria Antonini, S. In general, people select, from all the messages that are rained against them those items which promise the greatest reiifards and appear to be si- gnificant to them.

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