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With the current charges against Nelly surrounding an alleged rape, the rapper's ex-girlfriend, singer Ashanti, has used her upcoming single as the perfect response to the matter. That's what I was doing actually in Miami, recording records."The cameraman then asks, "So "Say Less" is there some good behind that statement?TMZ caught up with Ashanti while she was seated in the Los Angeles airport when the video guy approached her saying "you saw the reports about Nelly, this crazy story right. " Ashanti then follows up saying it's just the name of the song. Ashanti stays cool and assures him that her comments are "just a pitch" for her new record - that will feature TY Dolla $ign.

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The agenda is money, fame and notoriety." However, on December 17, 2017 TMZ is reported that the charges have been dropped and the case has been closed due to the accuser’s “refusal to cooperate.” Cops released some of the evidence they collected, including footage of the pair leaving the nightclub where they met and details from police documents.

In one document The hip hop artist said the woman undressed herself and claimed they had consensual sex, but the woman alleged she had been raped.

The two have been together for years now and been through some drama involving Ashanti (Nelly’s ex) and Floyd Mayweather (Miss Jackson’s ex) in the past but seem quite settled at the moment.

Nelly and her girlfriend spent private time last night as can be seen from their Instagram posts.

When Ashanti was asked about the break-up back in 2015, she kept her response brief telling The Meredith Vieira Showsometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.

I've been betrayed."The latest update on Nelly's rape allegations comes from his accuser claiming Nelly is bullying and intimidating her.

RIDE Wit Me singer Nelly burst onto the music scene with his natty lyrics and streetwise plaster-come-style-accessory on the side of his face.

He has recently been embroiled in rape allegations until the charges were dropped - here's the lowdown...

His accuser claimed she met Nelly in a Washington club and got "tipsy" drinking at his table, before travelling to his tour bus for an after-party, TMZ reports.

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