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RCN Vakantiepark De Noordster is tucked away in the nature reserve Nationaal Park Dwingelderveld, near the village of Dwingeloo in Drenthe.On this neat and well maintained holiday park, nature takes centre stage.The spacious camping pitches are attractively situated between trees.

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Irish CSD with an attitude, well since it can't be Joyce...wonder who! Cheers, HRLol....well,the Frenchy Pascal is a service instructor and is at Al Emadi does recruitment and still complains like a Crotchety old grand ma.: D -Chic,are u reffering to Suzan Awak (Al Awak?? )he was ofcourse packed off to he has become a Driver (F/O) for an Egyptian Cargo on him! i can almost see HR gulping the last swig before heading off to the nearest free internet cafe down manila-way to shoot off his 2 cents.

Wonder what happened to Yusuf "blow my slide" Ahmed?? :p As for Yusuf Ahmed,...after he blew his "Jumbo" slide in KRT,( I was working on that flight in the upper deck,and I could now picture AAB and the snake going thru old records to find my name...hoo!! HR needs to look inwards prior to commenting about things outside.

The inspector is an ACSI staff member and does not work for the campsite.

As an ex QR employee who lasted over 5 years, I just wondered who you might believe to be the longest serving QR staff member that you know of? I'll go for, if they are still there, TS in ops or S in crewing. Cheers HRI know that when I was there, there were a number of crew who had joined the company from the very beginning...pre Al Bakar days when things were good and a money swindling alcoholic pilot Shiekh ran the airline!!! :}Of the "onboard" team, I believe that NP and MB (Sri Lankan and Filipina respectively) are perhaps longest serving cabin crew. (You will both know these two females that I am referring to.)A300 Man, ah there you are! I remember being in the Ramada after a flight with two clear days off ahead of me. Don't know if they have recovered the bar top but you can clearly see names engraved on there!! As for Brain Mc Creadie : As far as I remember, He left for Florida-USA with wife (Ex. Homesick : man,you come out with some good Threads, I must say!

Children will enjoy themselves on the play grounds, in the recreation area and in the water play paradise.

On the perimeter of Nationaal Park Dwingelderveld and bordering the Drenthe heathland you will find RCN Vakantiepark De Noordster.

I can still get it, but there is some interference from another station with a (very) close freq. :ugh: by the way just happend to stumble upon the latest edition of "Hello magazine" a look guys,if u haven't! I love the Discription given against senior crew names by "mitchmenezes"..funny! HSR : Do you also remember Steve Samuel's cat, Simba?

We could get the radio across the Gulf proper in those very hot and humid days/nights. I met him not so long ago at a shopping mall.calmed down a lot.:oh: Md. carefull dearie your fingers are trembling - not due to anger but due to the 750ml.

Adjacent to the park is a heated outdoor swimming pool.

In rainy weather you can visit the indoor swimming pool in Hoogeveen (20 km) with a RCN swimming pool pass. The night skies in this area are really dark; in good weather you will get clear skies with myriads of stars.

(The only other "down-under" BG who existed to my knowledge was the great Mr. anyway you seem to have forgotten the sep with amk and the way she kept you in place. Marie was a QR legend and one of the mainstays of the company. Soavanee the Thai girl has also left QR and is now also at Emirates.

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