Usher dating rihanna

But she's not necessarily on my hit list - she's like my sister right now.Or cousin - we have kissed."Companionship is important - every man should have a woman to make him better."I'm dating at the moment - not anyone in particular, but I have a few people I'm interested in."The star has not been in a serious relationship since his two-year marriage to Tameka Raymond ended in 2009.

"Usher has been making moves on Rihanna, and she seems to like him a lot, revealed an insider.

"He calls her at least twice a day and they text all the time - he tells her how beautiful she is and that he can't wait to show her how a woman is supposed to be treated" Despite their mutual attraction, Rihanna wants to take things slowly with Usher.

But since Usher does have a list of ladies he’d like to get back to maybe Ri Ri is at the bottom.

He also told the mag, “I’m dating at the moment – not anyone in particular, but I have a few people I’m interested in.” What do you think about Usher’s comment on his relationship with Rihanna?

Those are the appropriate emotions...[Friends tried to tell me], 'This will pass.' You think, 'Are they crazy?

I'm never gonna feel any better than I feel right this minute.

, Rihanna and Usher went home together after meeting up at a party at Coachella.

The two left together and were holding hands, so if this is true it’s safe to assume that they were doing more than just flirting.

The last we heard about Rihanna she was casually hooking up with Ryan Phillippe but he’s since coupled up with Amanda Seyfried.

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