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Aside from incidental artifact hate, Sot M relies on using the graveyard as well, so it could be fought via graveyard hate. Sot M is part of a mana intensive two card combo that does not win the game outright.

Here are some common sideboard cards in creature-based strategies that potentially wreck Thopter Sword. While the combo would be at its best against aggro-creature based strategies, these decks already have applicable sideboard hate for the combo.

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If I were to build a deck with Sot M and Thopter Foundry, I would most likely start with a UW Tron core and shave a couple of spots for the combo.

While that’s all well and good, the more exciting decklist would be updating Shouta Yasooka’s Tezzeret Control list that finished in the top 16 of GP Kobe in 2014.

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In terms of Magic, Shawn Massak is a Modern enthusiast, with a penchant for tier two decks, counterspells, and pre Eighth Edition frames.

In terms of life, Shawn lives in Brighton, MA where he works as an employment coordinator for people with disabilities, plays guitar in an indie-pop band, and spends his free time reading comics, complaining about pro-wrestling, and wishing his apartment allowed dogs as pets.

Siding in artifact hate was a losing proposition when they just sacrificed Dark Depths, and honestly, was a little suspect against a deck with access to multiple Academy Ruins thanks to Tolaria West. Last year, Caleb Durward had a weekly column called the Banned Series on Channelfireball where he took a bunch of cards banned in Modern, built a deck around them, and ran it through a bunch of matches on MTGO.

His video series with Sot M and two decklists are featured here.

The combo is best disrupted by destroying or making an opponent discard Thopter Foundry, not Sword since it can come back to play.

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