Stalking online dating

In fact, three in four stalking victims are stalked by someone they know (Stalking Resource Center Fact Sheet 2011).

If you are in or are leaving an abusive relationship, the stalker could be a partner or an ex who isn’t quite ready to end the relationship. Consider these points: • Does the person message you/comment/like your content constantly?

• Do they intend to scare you or intimidate you with their posts?

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Stalking online dating

How to Do It There are some pretty sneaky ways to get the dirt on people — whether you are officially their "friend" or not. Facebook and My Space now list updates your friends have made on the main page.

It's there for you to read, so why not check to see who has added scandalous photos, or how many girls have commented on your boyfriend's wall? Who is that girl writing on your ex-boyfriend's wall, and what is he saying back to her? If you don't know that suspicious girl or guy writing flirtatious words on your ex's wall, type her or his name into Google and get the dirt! If you happen to have the password of an ex, a crush, or a "frienemy," then why not log on to his or her account and scope out every aspect of his or her life? If someone has her or his Facebook set to block people who aren't in their regional network, just temporarily join -Create a fake profile.

How often do you look at your ex-boyfriend's profile?

If a girl writes on your crush's Facebook wall, do you immediately try to look at her profile to size up your competition?

Have you memorized the interests and favorite movies of the cute boy in class — you know, the one you've never actually spoken to? Then you can follow his day-to-day life without ever having to speak to him.

Little things like this done in a repeated fashion means you are becoming a bit obsessive and could be crossing into online stalker territory. But there is a firm difference between casually glancing at your ex's My Space and religiously analyzing every aspect of the Facebook page of some guy you have never spoken to. Just try not to mention his life in everyday conversation — people might get suspicious.-Utilize the newsfeed.You like your friend’s picture or status, so you click the “like” button and leave a quick comment.You read a tweet that is hilarious, so you quickly retweet it.A stalker may use your social media sites to know where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with or other personal information.Remember, it’s a common misconception that stalkers are strangers to their victims.It is common for teen abusers to use stalking behaviors to monitor their dating partner's activities while still dating or after the partner has tried to end the relationship.

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