Spring hibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

In my previous spring tutorial, i’ve given simple example how to integrating Spring Framework with Hibernate through JPA.

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Session Factory; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.

Hibernate Template; import org.springframework.stereotype. Repository; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation. Transactional; //This will make easier to autowired @Repository("user Dao") // Default is read only @Transactional public class User Dao Impl implements User Dao Class User Dao Impl have added @Repository annotation, so we don’n need to write this dao into Spring beans configuration.

Or at least do it so that the combination of two columns have to be unique.

One thing that would make things faster is to make sure you index columns of your tables that you perform lookups on (aside from the primary key).

The Session Filter (for web apps) simply knows when a request starts and finishes, and handles the Session for all layers accordingly.

I would not say it resides in the presentation layer, rather that it integrates the layers, who still need know nothing about each other's implementation. Second, we created DAO class, because just like i told you before it gonna be simple example. Generic Generator; @Entity @Table(name = "user") public class User implements Serializable As you can see, i’m using generator approach, so Id of this record on database will automatically created , so you don’t need to set this entity Id or make this field auto generated when you create the table. Below is the interface of User package spring.hibernate.dao; import I believe there is a general movement towards this interceptor/IOC approach, as opposed to cauterizing the interface between layers.You still get the session management code in one place, only it is no longer "in" the database layer. I am wary of layer separation strategies that come at the cost of simplicity (ie, many designs with DTO).because of this, i actually am not using lazy-loading but storing IDs in objects where i don't want to build the children.

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