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Who in his right mind would walk away from such a job?Who requests a wake-up call from the American Dream? It is a fall weekend in 2010, and in a few minutes he'll be playing a pro-am handball match.

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'Screw it,' thought Plummer, 'I'm going to win this thing.' It was the last game of the 2006 season, against the lowly 49ers, and he had been summoned from the Broncos' sideline.

Only a month earlier, coach Mike Shanahan had benched Plummer, a 10-year veteran, in favor of a strong-armed but immature rookie, Jay Cutler. One season removed from the AFC Championship Game, Denver was on the verge of missing the playoffs.

"Which is something all players wish they could do but no one has the guts to." With a chance to extend the Broncos' 3–0 lead, Plummer says, "I rolled out to my left, made a guy miss and was like, ‘Ah, there goes Javon Walker, and I just heaved a Hail Mary.’" Plummer pauses.

"And he trips, and the safety intercepts it." With that, the magic was bottled.

"Gosh, you just really can't make that throw," he told Plummer.

And that's how Plummer's football career ended, some would say fittingly: with a desperation pass picked off.

He is wearing a faded white T-shirt that says wonder bread, cutoff gray sweatpants, thick gray sweat socks and a grungy white headband. He looks as if he just wandered off the Appalachian Trail. Right-, then left-handed, Plummer fires the small, hard rubber ball against the front wall of the court, loosening up his arm. In 12 hours he will be at a bar with 20-odd handball players, acting as host and designated driver as they regale one another with tales of kick serves and back-wall shots and lives lived in translucent 30-by-40-foot glass boxes.

And in 30 hours Plummer will be at his modest summer lake house outside Coeur d'Alene, with his dogs and his wife and his infant son, and he will be drinking a Molson and talking about why he left the NFL. For now, let's go back to the last thing most Denver fans remember about Jake Plummer.

Come to Florida, he said, and you'll be the hero you could never be in Denver in the shadow of John Elway.

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