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Soldiers and Marines in Iraq reported more combat stressors than Soldiers in Afghanistan.

This table describes the kinds of stressors faced in each combat theater in 2003: Soldiers and Marines who had more combat stressors had more mental health problems.

The number of Afghanistan-born in Australia at the time of the 1901 Census had increased to 394 from only 20 recorded at the 1871 Census.

Afghan men married local women as they were not allowed to bring Afghan women to Australia.

The first Afghans to arrive in Australia were camel drivers hired in 1859 to participate in the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition.

More Afghans arrived over the next 40 years and worked in the carting business.

VA data show that from 2002 to 2009, one million troops left active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan and became eligible for VA care. Of those Veterans who used VA care, 48% were diagnosed with a mental health problem (2).

However, many Veterans with mental health problems have not come in for services.

The development of modern transport and the cessation of Afghan migration following immigration restriction from 1901 led to the gradual decline in the size of Australia’s Afghanistan-born population.

In the ensuing period, to about 1979, Afghan migration was limited to a small number of students who came to study at Australian institutions and chose to stay in Australia after completing their studies.

Research studies have found that certain factors make it more likely that OEF/OIF service members will develop PTSD.

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