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At the end of the video, she is awakened by Patrick Stump, who also appears to be a robot.

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It was first released in 2005 on The Papercut Chronicles, and re-recorded for their album, As Cruel as School Children (which was re-released on November 4, 2006 with "Cupid's Chokehold" as an additional track).

There are two music videos for this song, one for each version.

The second version includes female backing vocals which are not included in version one.

The second version of the video does contain the backing vocals of the first video however, the female voice is integrated into the chorus behind Patrick Stump's vocals.

The video begins with a dancing Cupid, played by a young Princeton (Jacob Alexander Emmanul Perez) from Mindless Behavior, who shoots Mc Coy with a love arrow as he passes a girl.

Patrick Stump can be seen watching from behind a newspaper as this happens.However, Cupid himself gets shot with an arrow by a female Cupid, and the video closes with the two of them dancing together with Mc Coy & Perry watching from in front.(Cupid also dances several times before the ending).The doll acts as Mc Coy's girlfriend in the video and fulfills his every wish.However, she eventually becomes tired of being exploited and expresses this in a humorous scene where the two are playing Scrabble (she spells out the words 'krush', 'kill', and 'destroy').Initially, she went up to him when they were at a bar.

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