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He made a £10 million fortune because of the success of his online business ­uk, which he set up when just 21.Let’s face it, they’re posh and they’re proud of it. No longer embarrassed by being called chinless wonders, Sloane Rangers or Hooray Henrys, the posh have crawled out from under their four-poster beds and reclaimed what they consider to be their rightful place at the head of things. In the arts, sport, television, fashion, music, nightlife and, of course, politics. There has also been a steady merger of the aristocratic and the bourgeois circles – as is illustrated perfectly by the Royal marriage. The advancement of new money is no longer seen as a threat by the upper classes.

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It hasn’t hurt either that his campaign’s status updates have been witty and hilarious – two features not commonly associated with student politics.

In fact Trup has benefitted from old-fashioned advantages too.

But never underestimate the staying power of the young and privileged elite. The son of psychiatry professor, he attended King’s College School in Wimbledon, South-West London. There has been a huge shift in the social hierarchy compared with even 20 years ago.

Suddenly, a generation of precociously bright under-30s has colonised almost every area of British life, from the powerful backrooms of the new politics to business and eco-activism, from sport and theatre to movies and pop. The pair formed the folk rock band after ­meeting at the £5,560-a-term King’s College School in Wimbledon, South-West London. Yes, there is a raft of young blue-bloods moving into positions of power and influence.

So, is this a case of the old-style OUSU machine politics breaking down against online and social-media based campaigning? To be fair to the Jane4Change campaign they’ve put a lot of effort into social media and promoting their candidates online.

Before they had to abandon a suspiciously excellent website the slate had a far better online offering than Alex Bartram’s Team Alex or Nathan Akehurst’s Reclaim OUSU.His campaign employs no leaflets, laptops or spreadsheets – just smartphones. Trup doesn’t need to; his message, which oscillates between crazy and sensible, has effortlessly been pushed onto our facebook and twitter feeds.On the one hand you have an efficient and organised campaign that’s been whirring away since Trinity term.Andrews and Exeter were mentioned quite a lot in those threads, and for some reason, Nottingham appeared every now and then.Also, I was reading an old Times article that said that Newcastle was the new place to be, saying it was the alternative if your children (it was directed at middle/upper class parents) get that anorexic letter telling them they wouldn't be getting into their first choice, or any, college.I was just looking through some old threads and the usual suspects turn up, but I wanted to know what others thought.

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