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Authorities suspect some parlors are linked to human trafficking networks, but those types of probes take time, he said.

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FBI and Homeland Security have been given leads,” he said. Belitsos said massage parlors promise to be raised as a concern at a human trafficking conference Thursday in Cedar Rapids.

Iowa legislators have passed legislation allowing trafficked youth to avoid delinquency prosecution.

However, when they arrive they are controlled by means of debts, threats of violence, blackmail, confinement, psychological manipulation, and in some cases, physical violence," the organization says. attorney offices in Des Moines or Davenport have not prosecuted a human trafficking case tied to massage parlors, a spokeswoman confirmed.

"Almost every aspect of their life is controlled — where they live, what they eat, where they go, what they look like and who they are allowed to talk to."According to research at Rutgers University, the exotic massage industry in the U. could be doing as much as $1 billion in business a year. A top state law enforcement official said federal authorities have been contacted about activity at some massage parlors.

Following complaints by guests at the hotel an undercover officer was able to meet with her when she allegedly agreed to reinact her famous role with him donning a Sparticus costume, for the sum of $900.

Hotel staff report that this is not her first time causing trouble on the property, which is a real one, and stated that she is “known for her antics” and “you can take that anyhow you want,” though they failed to elaborate.

Polaris is trying to help shift the focus of law enforcement probes from low-level stings to organized crime investigations."People think these women are choosing this work, but they're not," Keyhan said.

"Many of the women have been forced into mandatory retirement in China, and have no income and no means of surviving."Polaris is working with law enforcement and government officials to help them recognize that traffickers often blend in next door to legitimate businesses."Many victims are recruited with promises of employment.

Des Moines has been identified by a national anti-human trafficking organization as one of the country's top 100 sites for suspected massage-related trafficking. C.-based Polaris began a national initiative in January to crack down on illicit massage businesses, including six raided last month in Indianapolis.

Polaris identified Des Moines in the top 100 locales by scraping data from paid online sites, where customers review sex workers.

Many states, such as Maine, have exceptions to the law going down to ages as young as 14, which the shows producers insist provides even further evidence that they were in the right to exploit her at such a young age.

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