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An ambulance finally came and took Jeff to the hospital for an evaluation.Kathy became suspicious after her boyfriend, Bud, kept spending his time at church and with his parents.The drama poured outside, with Lance and Mark fighting in the backyard.

She started smacking him around and Janna took off.

Angela chased after Janna, yelling at her until she hid the the bathroom.

In the end, Lightning was glad he learned the truth before he made the mistake of putting a liar in his will.

Lance felt his girlfriend was cheating, but little did he know she was messing around with his stepfather, Mark.

Betty was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and fought hard to beat it.

Betty had a nurse, Sue, who was by her side during all of her treatment, but little did she know that Sue was having an affair with Hank.

After the show, we find out that the suspect had proposed to Janna.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bill "Lightning" Mc Cloud is the man, not only because he's 88 years olf and dating a 33-year-old, but because he wears what little hair he has left in a mohawk.

Since he's getting older, Lightning was ready to prepare his will, but he wanted to kow if his girlfriend, Genevieve, was trustworthy enough to be in it.

Janna emerged with a bloody nose and got into her car and drove off. She continued screaming at the suspect, even throwing her shoes at him.

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