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Google will verify that all requests contain valid XML, include all required data fields, and meet the authentication requirements given below.In order to change a user's settings with the Email Settings API, the administrator must make an HTTP request (either a ) to a certain URL, and when appropriate, with an XML atom entry in the body of the request.This document describes the Email Settings API which enables Google partners to programmatically manipulate most user-level Google Mail settings.

If there was an error that occurred during the creation of the filter, an XML error response is returned.

To understand how to handle possible XML response codes see

If you need help finding your unique CNAME record, contact Google Support.

Your domain host is typically where you purchased your domain name (like Go Daddy, Enom, or

Tip: Establish an account policy for how and when delegates are added to a user's mailbox.

By setting user expectations, a clear delegation policy helps manage your account maintenance overhead and mitigates user confusion.

When setting a signature, the API accepts a plain text string up to 10000 characters.

The API supports setting and retrieving HTML-encoded signatures.

You’ll add the CNAME record to your domain’s DNS records that are stored with your domain host.

Contact your domain host for help adding the CNAME record.

Creating a Gmail delegate is accomplished with a When a new delegate is created, there may be a minute or less delay before the new delegate is available. No delegation notification is sent to the delegate when a delegation assignment has been added.

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