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Conrad Machens emigrated to Australia 17 September 1878 on board the SS Hankow of the Colonial Line of Australian Packets, In Sydney Conrad Machens received a temporary job clerking for loading and unloaded ships owned by Frederick Caesar Hedemann. Conrad Machens then worked; – as a salesman in an ethnic German gentleman clothes business in Maitland; – as a decorator on the World Fair 1879 in Sydney as well as driving goods – in New South Wales.

Machens borrowed 250 pounds from Hedemann to set up his own business. There, in the capital at that time Levuka on the small island Ovalau, Hedemann 1871 had support (today still existing) of the Hamburg commercial firm Wachsmuth & Krogmann (gegr. Cesar Godeffroy & Son The company formed under the name Hedemann & Co.

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Two years later, Conrad Machens, equipped with a good reference, left the Hanseatic city and went to London.

When Conrad Machens found no place there, he continued to travel.

Im 1895 Conrad Machens returned temporarily to Fiji, decided however, also for health reasons to remain permanently from 1897 in Germany in order to transact from now on the purchases of European goods (particularly of materials from Manchester, the European center of the textile industry) for the export into the South Seas.

The management it left to a large extent to its two German (British naturalized) partners Frederick Vollmer and William Kramp (1858-1943).

In his absence Conrad Machens invited a familiar coworker of many years Frederick Vollmer (1852-1918, later mayor of Levuka), a British naturalized Hamburger, as a partner to the company.

Conrad Machens also appointed the British naturalized William Kramp (1858-1943) as manager in co-operation with his new partner Frederick Vollmer .

John Thomson died in 1876 and Malolo Lailai was sold to Louis Armstrong.

Armstrong died bankrupt and the island was transferred to the Mortgage Agency of Australasia Ltd, who sold and transferred to James Borron in November 1891.” His wife remarried in Sydney in 1897, to William Edward MORGAN, a South Sea Island trader.

The family was recorded in Sydney from mid 1889, but Louis ARMSTRONG disappears from the map after 1891. 639, pages 330-332a) in Cyclopedia Company of Fiji, 1907.

Alice remarried in Sydney 1897, as spinster and using maiden name, and Louis recorded as deceased at daughter’s marriage in 1909. Armstrong once owned Malolo Lailai (not to be confused with Malolo) in the Mamanuca Group where the resort Musket Cove is on.

Age 17 years Conrad Machens went to the province capital Hanover for training.

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