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The number of deaths was 21.2 per 100,000 women per year based on 2010-2014.Keeping track of the number of new cases, deaths, and survival over time (trends) can help scientists understand whether progress is being made and where additional research is needed to address challenges, such as improving screening or finding better treatments.

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Number of New Cases and Deaths per 100,000: The number of new cases of female breast cancer was 124.9 per 100,000 women per year.

The number of deaths was 21.2 per 100,000 women per year.

Prevalence of This Cancer: In 2014, there were an estimated 3,327,552 women living with female breast cancer in the United States.

Relative survival statistics compare the survival of patients diagnosed with cancer with the survival of people in the general population who are the same age, race, and sex and who have not been diagnosed with cancer.

All material in this report is in the public domain and may be reproduced or copied without permission; citation as to source, however, is appreciated. Because these statistics are based on large groups of people, they cannot be used to predict exactly what will happen to an individual patient.

To see tailored statistics, browse the SEER Cancer Statistics Review.

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Female breast cancer is most common in middle-aged and older women.

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