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“One of our best friends worked on my tour,” Sheeran, who just dropped his smash third album, Divide, tells Us.

Whether you are too nervous to talk to strangers, keep being ghosted, run out of things to say, can’t get past the first date, or simply can’t find quality prospects, I can help.

As a coach I can help you attract the person of your dreams and create your ideal relationship.

I want to help you achieve all of that and more, by teaching you everything I’ve learned, so you can be who you really long to be. Can you become more attractive to the opposite sex without changing yourself physically? I’ll show you proven techniques to maximise your chances of creating that spark with anyone you meet, and get them noticing you, and chasing you.

The British pop superstar, 26, revealed how he reconnected with his high school crush, Cherry Seaborn, in a new interview with Us Weekly Entertainment Director Ian Drew.

I didn’t see her first reaction to the song because she lived in New York at the time.

So I just emailed it to her but she did really like it.” On How His Grandmother Inspired the Album Track “Supermarket Flowers” “She was in the hospital near my house where I was recording the album.

By the end of our time together you’ll be more confident, powerful and happier, qualities which will display themselves in all areas of your life, not just dating.

In my teenage years and early twenties I always wanted that feeling of being supremely self-confident in all situations, but I struggled with shyness, never knowing what to say, feeling as though I couldn’t just relax and be myself, and generally feeling awkward in social situations. I missed out on life, turned down social events, and stayed at home all to avoid having to interact with people.

The biggest area that suffered was my love life – it was non-existent!

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