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As we all know, Hollywood can set some pretty high standards.

Movies plant ideas in our heads about everything from how to dress to what relationships should be like.

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How realistic is fictional dating when compared to dating in real life?

To gather insight, I decided to go full journalist and asked some of my peers about their thoughts on the topic.

I expect the person I am on the date with do the same.

The first date is a way of gauging whether or not a relationship could ensue or not, so judging on how they react to what I find important and how I react to theirs, I can see how promising the relationship will be.

“Definitely the dude, unless he is shy, but normally the guy should be the one to make the first move.” – Aimee Wallner, 15 “Whoever is interested.

Questions are good, such as, “Will you go out with me? ” Besides just asking, holding out your hand or leaning in and letting them decide if they want to kiss are good options.A healthy relationship is based on communication.” – Jodyanna Gallegos, 16 “Before going on a first date, I create a mental list of my morals, my limits, and my views.During the first date, I will touch on these subjects subtly and casually.This way, both people get the satisfaction of contributing.” – Stephen Mathews, 19 “A date isn’t always something you pay for.For example, my first date was a trip across the fields at my house, picking up metal.On a first date, my biggest expectation is to talk to each other.

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