Dating relationship info

Before you go sharing your happy news with the masses, it’s important to have a conversation with your partner about how they feel about going public.

The subject is best left until you have been seeing each other for long enough to want to make it exclusive.

For the uninitiated, here is a quick breakdown of the process: Go to your home page, click ‘update info’.

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Since Geno Pro does not create information, a blank value is used to describe an unspecified relationship when creating a new family.

This is the symbol used by Geno Pro to indicate the user has not yet specified the type of relationship. Use the appropriate family relationship symbol to describe the status of the family.

This new dimension in romantic relationships raises some important issues.

Communication Social media is essentially a fast way to communicate information to lots of people at the same time.

The married couple is separated and has begun legal procedure for an eventual divorce.

If you know that a couple is separated, but you are not sure at what point they are in the legal procedure, it is recommended to use the separation in fact symbol.

For instance, a single parent family (single mother or single father) is still a result of the union of two individuals, however one individual left.

If a new partner or spouse is replacing one parent, create a new family to describe the relationship of the new couple.

There is a legal paper trail about the cohabitation.

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