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Unlike the other applications in the Mac version of the Microsoft Office suite, Entourage did not share a name with its Microsoft Windows counterpart.

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(Subsequent versions have dropped the requirement for IMAP and rely solely on Web DAV.) Users complained of the lack of a variety of functions present in Outlook for Windows and Outlook 2001.

One major shortcoming of Entourage was its inability to handle complex HTML.

This wasn't a solution for all Mac users, because Outlook 2001 only runs in the Classic Environment, which cannot run in OS 10.5 or on any Intel Macs.

Outlook for Office 2011 for Intel Macs, is able to import Outlook files from Windows; however, data will be stored as many individual files, rather than in a single database such as or the Entourage database.

While messages could be received and viewed correctly, they could not be forwarded without all formatting being stripped out.

As an example, an airline confirmation received from, say, Imaginary Airlines, could not be forwarded without all of the pictorial information being reduced to links, rendering the e-mail unreadable.Entourage could not natively read Outlook Personal Folder files and could not read Outlook archived emails without first re-importing them back into the main Windows Outlook database.this did not directly solve the problem of exporting data from Windows to Mac, because this utility could only import PST files from Outlook 2001 for the Mac.Entourage had included support for Microsoft Exchange servers since August 4, 2003, when the Exchange Update for Entourage X was released.This early release required the use of IMAP for mail connectivity and Web DAV for address and calendar functionality.Instead, a user needed to find the item to be forwarded, i.e., a Contact, select it, then choose Forward as v Card from the menu.

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