Dating in the dark restaurant london

Today you can stumble into dozens restaurants around the world where that question made famous in an American commercial in the 80s — Where’s the beef? Most dark restaurants employ blind waiters, offer a single set menu, and ban anything that could give off light (like cigarettes, cell phones and cameras) from the dinning area.

"Back in the lobby, we are instructed to order there.

We are steered towards set menus, called "red" to signify it is predominantly meat, "blue" for fish or "green" for vegetarian. Back in the foyer, the manager is triumphant that we failed to identify the dishes.

He was a dear friend and I hadn't clapped eyes on him in years.

He was over from Los Angeles and wanted dinner that night. for the purpose of this review, so Diana and I asked him along. We stumble into a table and berate a nearby voice for not seating us.

For returning customers, each experience gives a fresh and novel gastronomic journey, especially that the menu is changed seasonally to offer new food in KL.

SPOT MORE COOL STUFF: Australia | Bars & Pubs | Beijing | Berlin | California | China | Cruise | Czech Republic | France | Germany | Hong Kong | Israel | London | Los Angeles | Montreal | Moscow | New York City | Paris | Poland | San Francisco | Shanghai | Unusual Restaurants | World Record | Zurich | 23 Comments | All Travel Posts Here’s a restaurant theme you didn’t see coming: darkness.The romantic restaurant in KL is a surefire way to enjoy distraction-free dinner.Adventurous foodies are also able to experience the visually impaired persons during a meal in the best restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.But receiving the bill, I realise there is little altruistic about the place.If £187 for three is not daylight robbery, that is due only to the lack of daylight.What Spielmann’s sighted guests found was that the blindfolds heightened their sense of taste and smell and made their dining experience more enjoyable.

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