Sex randam goa video - Dating blogger template

It offers a smooth purple header, lots of open white space, and some unique layout elements.

It's essentially a two-column blog with the side bar cut in half to make a third column.

All the templates below are free to download and use (with their proper attribution included), and you can see them in action by clicking the "Live Demo" links.

Live Demo You can get a little darker without going all mysterious.

The Indicator theme has a serious tone, but maintains its design chops.

Header bar pages are enabled, and the Twitter update icon at the top displays your latest tweet.

A nice open title space at the top means there's plenty of room for a logo image, and no worries about crowding the design.

Just be sure to grab a swatch of that lovely red if you plan to add your own graphic elements.

Live Demo We've certainly seen paper and handwriting-themed blog templates before, but this notepad layout is really fresh, with smooth graphic elements and subtle textures.

Let's face it: The default themes that come with a Blogger account aren't going to win any design awards.

They're plain, fussy, and lack that bit of the snazz you're probably accustomed to during your daily online reading.

A bit of grain textures the dark background, and the nice wide columns make it ideal for posting You Tube videos and larger images.

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