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I am sure there are more cons but I cant think of any more right now. We have members who wait for their men, and then come home and leave the woman who gave so much to them (this happened to me).

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Amy suggests a mermaid theme and tries to sell it to Cheyenne by claiming that Green Day was once referred to as “The Mermaids of 90s Rock.” [Check out Inboden as ex-wife Jodi in (Mary), among others.

Interesting fact: Inboden is a survivor of the 1998 Westside Middle School shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

the fact is, how can you really know anyone until you have been together for awhile first...anyone can say anything in a letter...yeah, don't sell yourself short, there are plenty of great guys out here, who have alot more to offer you...will find that when you stop looking for love, that is when you will find it, it will come to you.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK, hope you find what you are looking for...who says you need a man to be happy anyways?

I know excatly what you mean about people and their creature comforts.

It amazes me sometimes how "settled" people can get.Yes, I think it is better to start a relationship slow, but isn't this a little extreme if they only reason you are considering this is because you want a man to relocate with you? In a sense your life is on hold, the life you share with him anyway.Why not move, then start meeting people, or do you move around that much? And if you don't find love you just might find a great friend. There are the letters , calls and visits but nothing can replace an person's physical presence.I mean it's wonderful to want to encourage people to change and stay on the right path.But if you put yourself out there the way you've said you'd like to, I'd be afraid that you're opening yourself up to be used.Wow, you guys are great, thanks for all the very intelligent and thought provoking responses.

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