Craigslist austin dating

Should you want to join the fun, there are over 500 Craigslist ads seeking musicians each week.The only downside is that for every Austin band playing a show, there are 5-10 aspiring rockers angering their neighbors by practicing their power chords at 2am.

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During football season, many devout Longhorns football fans add a second, reserving their Saturdays solely for the purpose of watching the U. Either way, there’s sure to be partying down on 6th Street.

Don’t worry Texas A&M fans; there are a few Aggie-friendly bars in the area for you.

What started as a local music festival rapidly turned into something far more immense.

The festival is now a ten-day celebration of original music, independent films, and emerging technology.

Wait a while before wearing it with a buckle and cowboy hat, though; nobody likes the newcomer who’s trying too hard.

The Congress Avenue Bridge is home to 1.5 million bats in the summer, the largest urban bat colony in North America.

It’s not clear whether it’s the climate, some cultural phenomenon or a secret breeding program, but Austin has the coolest cats of any city in North America.

They’re just adorable and they want to move in with you.

The odds are incredibly slim that you’ll go to a garage sale and bump into Sandra Bullock, Mike Judge, Andy Roddick and Lance Armstong, but the odds are better in Austin because they all live there.

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