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For DIY types, third-party router firmware like Tomato USB or DD-WRT is worth checking out.

As long as you purchase a router with a compatible chipset, you can flash these custom-built firmwares and add loads of new functionality (including Qo S) without having to spend big on a tricked-out router at the store.

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This Agreement: 'We'/ 'us'/ 'our'/ 'Bank' refer to "MCB", MCB Bank Limited, a banking company incorporated under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, having its registered office at MCB Build-ing, F6/G6, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad.whatsoever, to ac-cess your Eligible Account to the extent provided, to view and obtain information available with us, pay your credit card bills, make bill payments, add a beneficiary(ies) and give stand-ing instructions or affect transactions through your Eligible Account, as allowed by us or available through the Service.

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There are so loads of helpful extensions available and an endless list of toggles you can test on the about:config page (just make sure to keep tabs on the changes you make) that will help improve browser performance on slow connections.

Another piece of software worth checking out is a good download manager.

There’s no one-size-fits-all browser, so the best thing to do is keep an open mind and give several of them a try.

Opera, for example, has its slick Off-road Mode which can make surfing on sluggish connections feel a whole lot faster.This Agreement is governed by the laws of Pakistan.Both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Pakistani Courts in connection with any dispute.If you don’t have a ton of devices connecting at the same time, good ol’ Win Gate is still around, too.It’s free to use for up to three simultaneous connections and it’s a bit less intimidating to set up than Squid. It can speed up access to frequently-used resources, and every device you configure to use the proxy will reap the benefits. All the major browsers are much better now than they were even last year, but which one is best for slow connections?Squid is a good, free option — and you don’t necessarily have to have a spare Linux box lying around to use it.

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