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And apparently she wasn’t feeling him at first because she said, “Calum is very handsome and charming, but right off the bat he seemed the opposite of my type.

I’ve never been attracted to a blonde guy and I’ve never really been into tattoos, Josh [Murray] was more my type looks-wise, I figured I’d end up with a crush on him.”But now the two are super connected since Brandi said, “we could literally have conversations with just our eyes.” I don’t even know what to make of that one.

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Which isn't exactly what we're going for here – so it's no wonder Nadia said he was "one of the worst" daters on the show.

But tonight (September 13), the matchmakers had a real trick up their sleeves by sending Calum out on a blind date with cougar Izzy Beaumont, telling him to "bring [the] fun and naughty".

So it's safe to say that Calum was able to tap into all the fun and naughty side he'd been lacking on dates so far, with narrator Rob Beckett accurately describing it as Calum "opening a perverted Pandora's Box".

And with Calum loving his date, the viewers were both grateful for the great TV and cringing through every minute of it: The date ended with Calum seeing Izzy safely in the back of a taxi – and slapping her ass on the way in, as promised – and it looks like "naughty and fun" Calum is here to stay.

Yes, I know that his father is a famous soccer player, but that’s all I got.

Watching him on the show, he seems charming and genuine with his desire to be in a relationship and with his interest in fellow cast member Brandi Glanville.Charlotte revealed the awkwardness of the moment: ‘She just sat there like a lemon…this is not on.’Viewers very much agreed that Calum had treated Victoria unfairly, despite him claiming he is nothing but a ‘gentleman’ (he even has the word tattooed on his knuckles).My second thought is that I really do feel bad for Brandi because no one deserves this kind of nonsense if it’s true.Some “insiders” told that he wants his “fans” to think “that he is an eligible bachelor” and that “Calum says being single is part of his brand.” Why he would go on a TV show about wanting to find a relationship if he did not actually want to find a relationship? Plus, being with Brandi would actually raise his profile since she is way more famous than he is. Calum posted a meme (below) on Instagram that I’m sure had Brandi fuming and sending him some angry text rants (or at least that’s how I imagine her reacting).I even find myself rooting for these two when I watch the episodes, but apparently Calum is not feeling the same way. about how Calum is supposedly afraid that dating Brandi would ruin his brand.

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