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Men, learn how you can tell from across the room if she�s interested in you just by her posture and gestures.

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Body language secrets a guide during courtship dating

In the afternoons we�d watch the daily televised testimony with sorrow and dread as our country�s President was slowly, but steadily revealed as a crook.

I kept telling everyone John Mitchell, the Attorney General, was lying on the witness stand.

Part of the program was the Body Language Of Courtship. He does not try to dominate you by getting so close that his physical size is intimidating.

The aim was to teach women how to spot manipulative, lying men and to help men learn which women were attracted to them. When he's talking with you sitting down, it's about the same as when he's standing. If he clears his throat, fidgets in the chair, touches his nose lightly, touches his mouth, tugs his ear or rubs his eye, he's probably lying to you. This is the same as touching one's eye or rubbing one's eyes.

Everyone fears being rejected or humiliated and hurt. Just notice her body language and you’ll be able to tell quickly!

Of course if you’re body language is telling her, “I’m terrified,” nothing will happen!

The liar is saying, "This stinks, even to me." The act also conveniently covers his mouth. Patting oneself gently usually means the person is trying to reassure himself.

It's the same as patting a child to let him know everything's going to be okay.

One day, someone turned the volume down on the television to answer the phone. With the sound off, we were all able to notice that time after time, Mitchell would touch his mouth or eye when responding, or close his eyes while, or just as he finished, speaking. He leans toward you now and then to invade your territory.

After he did that about three times, the entire group, especially me, screamed, �He�s lying! � Later, to help recently divorced clients and clients who had inadequate social skills, Branden had me conduct Assertiveness Training For Singles. Only after you have touched him, does he touch you, and then it's completely appropriate.

Nobody believed, rather, wanted to believe, that America�s chief law enforcement officer would lie to the United States Senate.

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