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According to an affidavit filed in late December 2013 by a member of Ensign’s board of directors, Hart found that Ensign’s stock option granting process was flawed between the period of 1993 until August 2006.

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As I only posses a fractured provenance of the work and a photographic reproduction, I must look through de Chirico archives and catalogues using comparative analysis to differentiate this work from other is not the subject of my research, my continued close looking at this work has helped me to differentiate between often-misattributed reproductions.

Ensign Energy Services is dealing with a lawsuit that alleges a number of board members, including chairman — and part-owner of the Calgary Flames — Murray Edwards, backdated stock options for Ensign’s shares over a period of 13 years ending in 2006.

3 shelving units, each: 31 3/4 × 34 1/4 × 5 1/4 inches. Photo: Thomas Müller." Giorgio de Chirico is one of the most renowned and celebrated Italian artists of the modern period, but his work remains controversial today.

His provocative practice of copying and backdating his later works to his Metaphysical period (1910 – 19) complicates the way his work and oeuvre are viewed by scholars, dealers, and the public at large.

Mixed media in cigarette cellophane wrappers (366 units) on wood backed acrylic shelves (12 units).

9 shelving units, each: 26 1/2 × 34 1/4 × 5 1/4 inches.

Option backdating is the practice of changing the date that a stock option was granted to make the strike price lower and the option more valuable.

Backdating came to the attention of the media and shareholders in the mid-2000s after a number of high profile companies, including the former Research in Motion, settled allegations of backdating.

After the lawsuit was filed in 2011, Ensign successfully moved to have the court documents sealed, with CBC News arguing against the sealing order. Also in 2011, Ensign hired retired Alberta Justice Dennis Hart to investigate its option granting.

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