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I had the opportunity to pursue an acting career in Mumbai, but I chose not -- because there is a 1% chance of success. White Americans think I am anything from South American to Spanish /Italian to Egyptian / Iranian / Saudi.

If you want to know who I strongly resemble..a google image search of Parvin Dabas. here I am with three thousand posts on Stormfront, and still overly naive about non-whites.

Once my wife and me had gone on a drive, we have that habit of going on small drive in the car, as i have mentioned in one of the story that i have written that i have a fantasy of exposing my wife for other people, we have not done it till the time it happened when we were... But she is not very qualified,but she is desperate.

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here I am with three thousand posts on Stormfront, and still overly naive about non-whites.

I don't care what Bollywood movies you were on set of, The point of my post was to differentiate between North Indian men and the rest of India.

I brought Bollywood into the discussion, as you will see good looking Indian men (by international standards) in North India.

I was not discussing the beauty of Indian women - that is different topic altogether. Is it hard to imagine a white, asian, hispanic, russian woman marrying a Indian man based in New York? This forum is entertaining; hence I am posting here.

I think a lot of the reason other women(who might not find them unattractive) don't date them is because the culture is too different and their families aren't tolerant of them dating outside of their culture. The best looking Indian men are from North India (Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Kashmir, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh).

They are upper caste Hindus and Sikhs (Rajputs, Jatts, bhappey).

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no,she said its just big, Till now I find this question? I was suprised when her husband offered his friendship to me and very soon i...

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