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Regarding relevant documentation in the Department, files and other papers dealing with the activities of paramilitary groupings are handled and maintained within a small unit of my Department known as the security and Northern Ireland division which is headed by a principal officer.

Unfortunately, the four senior officials who would have dealt directly with security matters in 19 are all deceased.

I again express my deepest sympathy to those who were so grievously affected by the bombings and other incidents examined in Judge Barron’s report.

It follows, therefore, that any documentation within my Department on various Garda investigations constitutes only a very small subset of the information obtained or generated by the Garda in the course of its investigations.

On the details of the Garda investigations, I understand that at the sub-committee’s invitation the Garda Commissioner will appear before it next week and I do not think it would usefully assist the sub-committee if I were to attempt to preface or anticipate his observations.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to note that the independent commission considers that the Department facilitated its work in every way it could.

In that context, I am glad to confirm to the sub-committee that for the purposes of Mr.

I welcome the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Deputy Mc Dowell, and the Secretary General of his Department, Mr. It has already received a detailed written submission which I hope will be of some assistance.

As indicated in correspondence, this is a joint presentation on my part and that of the Secretary General of my Department, Mr. My officials and I remain at the disposal of the sub-committee and will endeavour to answer as thoroughly as possible any questions members may wish to put.

There is no one serving in my Department who would have been involved in these matters at the time.

Therefore, I am not in a position to go to individuals and ask them for their recollections.

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