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Radiocarbon is incorporated into all living organisms in proportion to its concentration in the environment.When an organism dies, carbon is no longer incorporated into its tissues, but the radiocarbon present continues to decay at a known rate. The Pb-210 and Cs-137 datation service is also offered for sediments.

Please fill the (PDF) (Word) for each sample submitted. Please contact us to get the plastic vials used in our counter (the transfer of the samples and capping into these vials can also be done by us at the lab). Compact the samples as much as you can in the vial and, if possible, try to get a similar height of sample for every vial.

Each sample must be weighed with a precision of 0.1 mg.

* Chemical pre-treatments are very important and must be proceeded with when quantities are adequate.

However, for customers who know their sampling sites are clean, skipping pre-treatments will give these very small samples a better chance to be dated.*** Contact us to get the plastic vials that are used for counting, so weighing and capping can be done by yourself.

However, it is up to the submitter to define and select the materials to be dated: for example, since you know your samples far better than we do, it’s your job to pick out the macrofossils or charcoal to be dated from within the sediment or peat matrix.

Specialized services such as pollen or foram picking or individual compound separation are not offered.

For low-carbon organic material the carbon content can vary widely and no estimate for the preferred minimum sample size can be given.

Note that smaller sample sizes can be dated at a reduced precision. It is important to try to avoid storage and packing methodologies that may contaminate your sample.

Please follow the guidelines described below: _____Never store material under conditions that might allow fungal or bacterial growth: If possible, try to keep samples frozen or dry.

_____Never handle samples in, or use implements and tools from, labs where tracer C might have been used. _____ Avoid wrapping samples in paper, or packing in containers that are lubricated with oil, waxes or any other organic materials.

Please fill the (PDF) (Word) for each core (not for each sample) submitted for analysis. Please fill the (PDF) (Word) for each batch of samples you're submitting. The samples must be mailed out to this address: RADIOCHRONOLOGY LABORATORY c/o Guillaume Labrecque Laval University Abitibi-Price Building, Room 0248 2405, Rue de la Terrasse Quebec, QC CANADA G1V 0A6 For the custom declaration, you can write "Samples for scientific analysis, with no commercial value".

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