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Inverse probability of treatment weighted (IPTW) logistic regression models were used to examine the relationship between decreases in drug use risk and sex-related HIV risk behavior reduction from study entry to six months.

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The term “sex offender” implies that the individuals who engage in sexually abusive behavior are all alike and can be managed in the same way.

However, because adult and juvenile sex offenders are such diverse populations, “one size fits all” approaches are neither appropriate nor effective.

Determining what to do with which offenders, how and when to do it, and why it should be done demands careful consideration to the varied levels of risk, needs, development, and functioning of these individuals.

This requires having access to—and making good use of—comprehensive assessment information.

This has significant implications for the ways in which sex offender management strategies are implemented.

Applying the risk principle does not mean that adult and juvenile sex offenders who pose a relatively low risk of recidivism should go untreated or unsupervised.Put simply, well executed assessments are the key to informed decisionmaking with adult and juvenile sex offenders.The following are among the many decisions that can be guided by assessments throughout the criminal and juvenile justice process: Each of these decisions has significant implications for public safety and, as such, the stakeholders involved in sex offender management will benefit from having reliable and comprehensive assessment information upon which to base their decisions.As a general rule, therefore, relying on a single data point or sole data source for critical decisionmaking is inadvisable.Using multiple data sources as part of the assessment process enhances the reliability, validity, and ultimate usefulness of these assessments.However, attempting to employ all of these strategies (many of which are time and resource intensive) for all offenders is not a prudent approach, nor will it have the greatest potential to increase public safety.

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