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The first section is called, "Prisms," and Smallwood reveals how precious life truly is.

Smallwood also briefly discusses how people take light for granted, and that light is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Smallwood divides her poetry collection to cover three topics about physics.

The light once again serves as a symbol of the knowledge that people acquire when they persevere.

Ultimately, light is powerful because it allows people have truth and knowledge in spite of the bleakness of reality.

Smallwood effortlessly blends science with art because of her profound examination of those two topics.

Carol Smallwood analyzes light from both a scientific and an artistic perspective to reveal how light contains scientific aesthetics.The cuttlefish symbolize the majesty of natural wonder that people are blessed to have.Even though some animals might be dangerous, like snakes, other animals offer companionship.People with proper vision might be able to see light with their naked eyes, but they might not truly comprehend its beauty.People would not be able to function without light because light symbolically represents knowledge.People might have to encounter tough times, but life can still continue just as long as people are able to take their sacred breaths.

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